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Sermons on Important Subjects Addendum

Samuel Davies

Sermon 64

The signs of the times.

Sermon 65

The happy effects of the pouring out of the spirit.

Sermon 66

A time of unusual sickness and mortality improved.

Sermon 67

The religious improvement of the late earthquakes.

Sermon 68

Serious reflections on war.

Sermon 69

On the defeat of General Braddock, going to Forte De-quesne

Sermon 70

God the sovereign of all kingdoms.

Sermon 71

A Thanksgiving sermon for national blessings.

Sermon 72

Practical atheism, in denying the agency of divine providence, exposed.

Sermon 73

The primitive and present state of man compared.

Sermon 74

The certainty of death: A funeral sermon.

Sermon 75

Evidences of the want of love to God.

Sermon 76

The objects, grounds, and evidences of the hope of the righteous.

Sermon 77

The love of souls, a necessary qualification for the ministerial office.

Sermon 78

The office of a bishop a good work.

Sermon 79

Sermon 79

Sermon 80

Christians solemnly reminded of their obligations.

Sermon 81

The guilt and doom of impenitent hearers

Sermon 82

The apostolic valediction considered and applied.