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The Works of John Donne Volume 6

John Donne


A sermon preached to Queen Anne, at Denmark-house, December 14, 1617, Proverbs viii. 17


A sermon of valediction at my going into Germany, at Lincoln's Inn, April 18, 1619, Ecclesiastes xii. 1

Sermon CXLIX

Two sermons, to the Prince and Princess Palatine, June 16, 1619, Romans xiii. 11

Sermon CL

A sermon preached at St. Dunstan's, January 15, 1625

Sermon CLI

Preached at the temple, Esther iv. 16

Sermon CLII

Preached at Lincoln's Inn, Ascension-Day, 1622, Deuteronomy xii. 30

Sermon CLIII

Preached at Paul's cross to the lords of the council, March 24, 1616, Proverbs xxii. 11

Sermon CLV

Preached at St. Paul's cross, September 14, 1622

Sermon CLVI

Preached to the Virginian Company, 1622, Acts i. 8

Sermon CLVII

A sermon of commemoration of the Lady Danvers, July 1, 1627, 2 Peter iii. 13


Preached at Whitehall, Psalm lxviii. 20

A Collection of Letters

Written to several persons of honour.


Holy sonnets.