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1 Kings 1:27

1 Kings 1:27

Is this thing done by my lord the king
With his knowledge and consent, and by his orders:

and thou hast not showed [it] unto thy servant;
meaning himself, who had brought him a message from the Lord, signifying that Solomon should succeed him; and therefore if that had been countermanded, it seemed strange that he should not have acquainted him with it: or "to thy servants", as the Arabic version; for the word has a plural ending, though pointed as singular; and so it may mean not only himself, but the rest of David's faithful servants that were about him at court, as Kimchi observes:

who should sit on the throne of my lord the king after him?
if he had altered his mind, or had had any direction from the Lord to make any change, he wondered at it that he should neither acquaint him, nor any of his trusty friends, with it.

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