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This chapter gives an account of the building of the temple, for which
preparations were before made and begins with the time of its building,
\\#1Ki 6:1\\; gives the dimensions of it and the porch before it,
\\#1Ki 6:2,3\\; observes the windows in it and chambers about it,
\\#1Ki 6:4-10\\; and while it was building, Solomon had a word from the
Lord relative to it, \\#1Ki 6:11-14\\; and then the account goes on
concerning the walls of the house, and the flooring of it,
\\#1Ki 6:15-18\\; and the oracle in it, and the cherubim in that,
\\#1Ki 6:19-30\\; and the doors into it, and the carved work of them,
\\#1Ki 6:31-36\\; and the chapter is concluded with observing the time
when it was begun and finished \\#1Ki 6:37,38\\.