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1 Kings 7:40

1 Kings 7:40

And Hiram made the lavers, and the shovels, and the basins,
&c.] The lavers are not the ten before mentioned, of the make of which an account is before given; but these, according to Jarchi and Ben Gersom, are the same with the pots, ( 1 Kings 7:45 ) and so they are called in ( 2 Chronicles 4:11 ) the use of which, as they say, was to put the ashes of the altar into; as the "shovels", next mentioned, were a sort of besoms to sweep them off, and the "basins" were to receive the blood of the sacrifices, and sprinkle it; no mention is here made of the altar of brass he made, but is in ( 2 Chronicles 4:11 ) , nor of the fleshhooks to take the flesh out of the pots, as in ( 2 Chronicles 4:16 ) ,

so Hiram made an end of doing all the work that he made King Solomon
for the house of the Lord;
what he undertook, and was employed in, he finished, which were all works of brass; of which a recapitulation is made in the following verses to the end of the forty fifth, where they are said to be made of "bright brass", free of all dross and rust; "good", as the Targum, even the best brass they were made of; the brass David took from Hadarezer, ( 1 Chronicles 18:8 ) which Josephus F7 too much magnifies, when he says it was better than gold.


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