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1 Samuel 17:30

1 Samuel 17:30

And he turned from him towards another
From his brother Eliab, to another person right against him, and directed his discourse to him:

and spake after the same manner:
as in ( 1 Samuel 17:26 ) ; inquiring what encouragement would he given to a man that should attempt to kill the Philistine, and expressing his concern to hear the armies of the living God defied by such a wretch:

and the people answered him again after the former manner;
telling him what gratuities and honours would be conferred on such a person, as in ( 1 Samuel 17:25 ) ; and the design of his talking to one, and to another, was, that what he had said might spread and reach to the ears of Saul, to whom in modesty he did not choose to apply himself.

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