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1 Samuel 20:1

1 Samuel 20:1

And David fled from Naioth in Ramah
While Saul was prophesying, or lay in a trance there:

and came;
to Gibeah, where Saul dwelt, and had his palace, and kept his court:

and said before Jonathan;
whom he found there, and for whose sake he thither fled to have his advice, and to use his interest with his father, and be his friend at court:

what have I done? what [is] mine iniquity? and what [is] my sin before
thy father, that he seeketh my life?
surely, as if he should say, I must have been guilty of some very great crime, and yet I am not sensible of it; canst thou tell me what it is that has so provoked thy father, that nothing will satisfy him but the taking away of my life, which he seeks to do?