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1 Samuel 3:11

1 Samuel 3:11

And the Lord said to Samuel
The voice of the Lord continued speaking to him: behold,

I will do a thing in Israel;
which may be particularly interpreted of the taking of the ark, and the slaying of the two sons of Eli; and which is elsewhere represented as the Lord's doing, for the sins of Eli's family, ( Psalms 78:61 Psalms 78:62 )

at which both the ears of everyone that heareth it shall tingle;
be struck with horror and amazement, and quite stunned, and know not what to think or say, like persons surprised with a violent clap of thunder, which strikes their ears so strongly, that the noise of it is not soon gone from them; this was verified in Eli, and in his daughter-in-law particularly, who, at the news of the above things, the one fell backwards and broke his neck, and the other fell into labour and died; and all Israel were struck with astonishment at these things.

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