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1 Samuel 4:20

1 Samuel 4:20

And about the time of her death
Which quickly came on after she was brought to bed:

the women that stood by her;
who were called to her labour, and assisted at it:

said unto her, fear not, for thou hast born a son;
perceiving that she was very low spirited, endeavoured to cheer and comfort her, by observing to her that the worst was over; and besides she had brought forth a man child, which was usually matter of joy to a family, and particularly to the woman that bears it, which causes her to forget the sorrows and pains she has gone through in bearing it, ( John 16:21 ) but she answered not, neither did she regard it; said not one word in answer to them, nor was the least affected with joy and pleasure at what they related to her; being not only a dying woman, on the borders of another world, and so had no relish for temporal enjoyments, but also overcome with grief with what had happened, not only to her family, but more especially to the ark of God.

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