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In this chapter we are told the Philistines advised with their priests
what to do with the ark, and wherewith to send it home, \\#1Sa 6:1,2\\
whose advice was to send with it a trespass offering, golden images of
emerods and mice, and to put it on a new cart, and the images in a
coffer on the side of the ark, and draw it with two cows, \\#1Sa 6:3-8\\,
and gave them a token whereby they might know whether they had been
smitten by the God of Israel or not, \\#1Sa 6:9\\ which advice they
took, and acted in all things according to it; and the lords of the
Philistines accompanied the ark to the border of Bethshemesh,
\\#1Sa 6:10-12\\, where they of Bethshemesh received it with joy, and
offered the kine for a burnt offering to the Lord, and the Levites took
care of the ark and presents in it, and the lords of the Philistines
returned home, \\#1Sa 6:13-18\\, but they of Bethshemesh looking into
the ark were smitten of God, upon which they sent to the men of
Kirjathjearim to fetch it from them, \\#1Sa 6:19-21\\.