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1 Samuel 7:17

1 Samuel 7:17

And his return was to Ramah
When he had gone his circuit, he came back to this city, which was his native place, and where his father and mother had dwelt, see ( 1 Samuel 1:1 )

for there was his house;
and his father's house before him, and perhaps the same, ( 1 Samuel 1:19 ) and there he judged Israel; here was his fixed residence, and here he was always to be met with, except when on his circuit; and hither the people of Israel might come from all parts, to have justice done them between man and man, or receive information in matters of difficulty and importance:

and there he built an altar unto the Lord:
to offer his own sacrifices, and the sacrifices of the people, either by himself, or by a priest, when the people came to have justice administered to them; or to desire him to pray for them, teach and instruct them, or to give them advice. Shiloh being destroyed, and no place appointed for the tabernacle and altar, the Jews say, high places for a private altar were lawful, and even for one that was not a priest to offer; these things, though settled by law, yet were for a time dispensed with, until things could be fixed in their proper place and order.

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