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2 Chronicles 28:19

2 Chronicles 28:19

For the Lord brought Judah low because of Ahaz king of Israel,
&c.] Because of his impieties and idolatries, which the people by his example went into; he is called king of Israel, because he walked in the ways of the kings of Israel, and because he ruled over two of the tribes of Israel, and of right was king over all Israel, as David and Solomon his ancestors were; though the Vulgate Latin, Septuagint, and Syriac versions, read, king of Judah; and so the Targum: "for he made Judah naked"; stripped them of their religion, and the worship of God, and so of the divine protection, whereby they were exposed to their enemies, see ( Exodus 32:25 ) the Targum is,

``for the house of Judah ceased from the worship of the Lord;''

transgressed sore against the Lord;
by committing gross idolatry the same Targum is,

``they dealt falsely with the Word of the Lord.''