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2 Samuel 12:23

2 Samuel 12:23

But now he is dead, wherefore should I fast?
&c.] And pray; it is to no purpose, no end can be thought to be answered by it:

can I bring him back again?
from the state of the dead, bring him to life by fasting, and praying, and weeping; that is not to e expected:

I shall go to him;
to the state of the dead, to the grave, where his body was, or would be; to heaven and eternal happiness, where his soul was, as he comfortably hoped and believed: from whence it appears, that the Old Testament saints did not suppose an annihilation at death; but believed the immortality of the soul, a future state after death of eternal life and bliss:

but he shall not return to me;
in the present mortal state, though at the resurrection they should meet again.