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Acts 10:29

Acts 10:29

Therefore came I unto you, without gainsaying
Readily and cheerfully, without objecting to it, or saying one word against it, or making any excuse to put it off:

as soon as I was sent for:
he immediately consented to go, as soon as ever the messengers from Cornelius acquainted him with their message, being previously directed so to do by the Spirit of God; though he did not set out with them till the next day, it being more suitable and convenient:

I ask therefore for what intent ye have sent for me?
this he said, not as ignorant of the true cause, for he had inquired of the messengers, who had informed him of the reason of it; but he was willing to have it from the mouth of Cornelius himself; not only for further confirmation's sake, but for order sake, to lead him on regularly to what he had to say.

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