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Acts 9:21

Acts 9:21

But all that heard him were amazed
Not the disciples that believed in Christ, but the unbelievers, as appears from their words:

and said, is not this he that destroyed them that called on this
name in Jerusalem?
they do not express the name of Christ, out of malice and ill will; which shows who they were that said these words, and were astonished to hear Saul preaching in this name, and proving him to be the Son of God, and the true Messiah; when it was but a little while ago he consented to the death of Stephen, made havoc of the church, wasted and destroyed it as much as was in his power, and persecuted unto death such as called upon the name of Christ, or were called by his name, he could find in Jerusalem: nor did this satisfy him, for it follows,

and came hither,
that is, to Damascus,

for that intent, that he might bring them bound to the chief
whom he should find professing or invocating the name of Christ, or bearing it; now to see and hear him preach this same name, was surprising to them.