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Ecclesiastes 8:3

Ecclesiastes 8:3

Be not hasty to go out of his sight
But of the sight of the King of kings. Do not think to hide thyself from him, for there is no fleeing from his presence, ( Psalms 139:7 ) ; it is best, when under some consternation, as the word F25 signifies, or under some fearful apprehension of his wrath and indignation, to fall down before him, acknowledge the offence, and pray for pardon: and to this purpose is the Targum,

``and in the time of the indignation of the Lord, do not cease to pray before him; being terrified (or troubled) before him, go and pray, and seek mercy of him;''
and with which agrees the note of Jarchi,
``be not troubled, saying that thou wilt go and free from his presence, to a place where he does not rule, for he rules in every place.''
Such who interpret this of an earthly king suppose this forbids a man going out from the presence of a king in a pet and passion, withdrawing himself from his court and service in a heat, at once; stand not in an evil thing;
having done it, continue not in it; but repent of it, acknowledge and forsake it, whether against God or an earthly king; for he doeth whatsoever pleaseth him;
which best agrees with the King of kings, who does what he pleases, in heaven above and in earth below, both in nature, providence, and grace; see ( Job 23:13 ) ( Psalms 115:3 ) ; though earthly kings indeed have long hands, as is usually said, and can reach a great way, and do great things, especially despotic and arbitrary princes, and it is very difficult escaping their hands. The Targum is,
``for the Lord of all worlds, the Lord will do what he pleases.''


F25 (lhbt la) "ne consterneris", Gejerus, and some in Rambachius.