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Exodus 21:18

Exodus 21:18

And if men strive together
Quarrel and fight, and wrestle with and box one another:

and one smite another with a stone;
which lying near him he might take up, and in his passion throw it at his antagonist:

or with his fist;
with his double fist, as we express it, with his hand closed, that it might come with the greater force, and give the greater blow:

and he die not, but keepeth his bed;
does not die with the blow of the stone or fist, yet receives so much damage by it that he is obliged to take to his bed; or, as the Targum of Jerusalem paraphrases it, is cast on the bed sick; or, as the Targum of Jonathan, falls into a disease, as a fever, or the like, through the force of the blow, so that he is confined to his room and to his bed.

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