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Exodus 29:32

Exodus 29:32

And Aaron and his sons shall eat of the flesh of the ram
Typical of the flesh of Christ, whose flesh is meat indeed, and to be eaten by faith, whereby it becomes spiritual food, savoury and nourishing, as it is to all the Lord's priests, or who are made so to God:

and the bread that is in the basket;
the unleavened bread, cakes, and wafers, ( Exodus 29:2 Exodus 29:3 ) , what was left of them, one loaf, one cake, and one wafer, having been put into the hands of Aaron and his sons, and received from them and burnt, ( Exodus 29:23-25 ) this may figure Christ the bread of life, held forth in the ministry of the word, for believers in him to feed upon; which basket of bread was

by the door of the tabernacle of the congregation;
the whole court, Jarchi says, was so called, where the people in common assembled, and the Lord met with them; and so may point at the public ordinances, where Christ is set forth as food for souls.

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