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Exodus 29:6

Exodus 29:6

And thou shall put the mitre upon his head
Which was made of linen, and was a wrap of linen about his head in the form of a turban:

and put the holy crown upon the mitre;
the holy crown was a plate of gold which had these words, "holiness to the Lord", engraven on it; and so says the Targum of Jonathan,

``on which the holy name was engraven;''

the mitre was upon the top of his head, this in the forefront of that; it was upon Aaron's forehead, and reached from ear to ear, and was fastened behind with a blue lace; this was like a crown or a diadem, and denotes the honour and dignity of the priestly office: Christ is a priest on his throne, and his saints are a royal priesthood, even kings as well as priests unto God.

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