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Upon Ezra's prayer and confession, it was proposed by Shechaniah,
that those who had married strange wives should put them away with
their children, which they swore to do, \\#Ezr 10:1-5\\, and
proclamation was made throughout the land for all to meet at
Jerusalem in three days' time, and accordingly they did,
\\#Ezr 10:6-9\\ when, at the exhortation of Ezra, all agreed to it, and
persons were appointed to see it done, and the work was finished in
the space of three months, \\#Ezr 10:10-17\\ and a list of the names
of those is given who had married such wives, and now put them away;
of the priests, \\#Ezr 10:18-22\\, of the Levites, \\#Ezr 10:23,24\\,
of the other Israelites, \\#Ezr 10:24-44\\.