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Genesis 47:28

Genesis 47:28

And Jacob lived in the land of Egypt seventeen years
He lived just the same term of years with Joseph in Egypt as he had lived with him in Syria and Canaan, ( Genesis 37:2 ) ; about two hours' walk from Fium are now to be seen the ruins of an ancient town, which the Coptics say was inhabited by the patriarch Jacob, and for this cause they name it, yet, Modsellet Jacub, or the tabernacle of Jacob F14, which place is supposed to be in the land of Goshen, see ( Genesis 47:11 ) ;

so the whole age of Jacob was an hundred forty and seven years;
he was one hundred and thirty when he stood before Pharaoh, ( Genesis 47:9 ) ; and now had lived in Egypt seventeen years, as in the above clause, which together make up the sum; and this exact time of the years of his life is given by Polyhistor from Demetrius, an Heathen writer F15.


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