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Isaiah 22:22

Isaiah 22:22

And the key of the house of David will I lay upon his
In allusion either to magistrates carrying a key on their shoulder, hanging down from thence, having a hook at one end of it fit for that purpose; or having one embroidered on that part of their garment: or one carried before them by their servants. It regards either the keys of the temple; or rather the key of the king's house, which it was proper should be delivered to him as treasurer and steward of it; the Targum takes in both,

``and I will give the key of the house of the sanctuary, and the government of the house of David, into his hand.''

In the mystical sense, Christ is said to have this key, ( Revelation 3:7 ) where the following words are applied to him:

so he shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none
shall open;
all which is expressive of the government of the church being on his shoulders, and of his absolute and uncontrollable power over it; who opens the treasures of his word, of his grace, and of wisdom and knowledge, and communicates them unto, and shuts or hides them from, whom he pleases; who opens and shuts the doors of his church, his house, and lets in, and keeps out, whom he thinks fit; and who also opens and shuts the door of the kingdom of heaven, and introduces into it his own people, and excludes others.