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Isaiah 23:8

Isaiah 23:8

Who hath taken this counsel against Tyre, the crowning
Which had a king over it, to whom it gave a crown; and which crowned its inhabitants with riches and plenty, and even enriched the kings of the earth, ( Ezekiel 27:33 ) this is said as wondering who could lay a scheme to destroy such a city, or ever think of succeeding in it; who could take it into his head, or how could it enter into his heart, or who could have a heart to go about it, and still less power to effect the ruin of such a city, which was the queen of cities, and gave laws and crowns, riches and wealth, to others; surely no mere mortal could be concerned in this; see ( Revelation 13:3 Revelation 13:4 ) :

whose merchants [are] princes;
either really such, for even princes and kings of the earth traded with her, ( Ezekiel 27:21 Ezekiel 27:33 ) or they were as rich as princes in other countries were:

whose traffickers [are] the honourable of the earth;
made rich by trafficking with her, and so attained great honour and glory in the world; see ( Revelation 18:3 Revelation 18:15 ) .

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