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Isaiah 28:22

Isaiah 28:22

Now therefore be ye not mockers
At the words of the prophets, and the judgments denounced by them, which is very common, when they are deferred, and not immediately executed: this was the case before the destruction of Jerusalem by the Chaldeans, and one cause of it, ( 2 Chronicles 36:16 ) and also by the Romans; see ( Acts 13:41 ) :

lest your bands be made strong;
punishment become heavier, and more grievous; and so the Syriac version renders it; as prisoners that attempt to make their escape have their bonds and fetters made faster, and so are put to more pain and distress; to which the allusion seems to be, signifying, that by scoffing and mocking at the word of God they would bring upon themselves greater and sorer punishments, ( Hebrews 10:29 ) :

for I have heard from the Lord GOD of hosts;
in a vision from him, by a spirit of prophecy, as a secret communicated by him; for whatever the Lord did he usually made it known to his prophets; and it might be depended upon what they said, as being what the Lord had declared in their hearing; see ( Amos 3:7 ) :

a consumption, even determined upon the whole earth:
or, "on the whole land", the land of Judea; for this destruction seems only to respect that; and is the same with "the consummation, and that determined", that should be "poured upon the desolate", ( Daniel 9:27 ) which manifestly designs the destruction of the Jews by the Romans, which was an affair determined by the Lord, whose counsel shall stand, and therefore would surely come to pass.