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In this chapter the Jews are threatened with various calamities, on
account of their sins, which would issue in their entire ruin and
destruction. They are threatened with a famine, \\#Isa 3:1\\ with a
removal of useful men in church and state, and in common life,
\\#Isa 3:2,3\\ with ignorant and effeminate governors; the consequences
of which would be oppression and insolence, \\#Isa 3:4,5\\ yea, that
such would be their state and condition, that men, though naturally
ambitious of honour, would refuse to have the government of them,
\\#Isa 3:6,7\\ the reasons of these calamities, and of this ruin and
fall of them, are their evil words and actions against the Lord, which
were highly provoking to him; and their impudence in sinning like
Sodom, which was to their own harm, \\#Isa 3:8,9\\ yet, in the midst of
all this, it is the will of God that the righteous should be told it
shall be well with them, with the reason of it; when it shall be ill
with the wicked, as a just recompence of reward, \\#Isa 3:10,11\\ the
errors and mistakes of the people are attributed to their childish and
effeminate governors, \\#Isa 3:12\\ wherefore the Lord determines to
plead their cause, and contend with their elders and rulers, because
they had spoiled and devoured the poor, \\#Isa 3:13-15\\ and
particularly the women are threatened, for their pride and luxury, to
have their ornaments taken from them, which are particularly mentioned,
\\#Isa 3:16-24\\ and the chapter is concluded with a prophecy, that
their mighty men should perish by the sword in war, and the city should
be desolate, \\#Isa 3:25,26\\.