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Jeremiah 13:9

Jeremiah 13:9

Thus saith the Lord, after this manner
As this girdle has been hid in Euphrates, and has been marred and rendered useless; so in like manner, and by such like means, will I mar the pride of Judah, and the great pride of Jerusalem;
or their glory, or excellency F20; that which they gloried in, and were proud of; their city which was burnt, and their temple which was destroyed by the Chaldeans; their king, princes, and nobles, who were carried captive into Babylon, by the river Euphrates, and stripped of all their grandeur, honour, and glory; and so the Targum,

``so will I corrupt the strength of the men of Judah, and the strength of the inhabitants of Jerusalem, which is much;''
and to which agrees the Syriac version, which renders it,
``the proud or haughty men of Judah, and the many haughty men of Jerusalem.''


F20 (Nwag) "excellentiam", Calvin, Piscator.
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