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Jeremiah 25:35

Jeremiah 25:35

And the shepherds shall have no way to flee
Or, "and flight shall perish from the shepherds" F21; though they may attempt it, they shall not be able to accomplish it; neither the dignity of their persons, the greatness of their power, or the abundance of their riches, would make a way for them; their enemies being so numerous, powerful, and watchful: nor the principal of the flock to escape;
this was particularly verified in Zedekiah and his princes, ( Jeremiah 39:4-6 ) . The Targum is,

``and the house of fugitives shall perish from the kings, and deliverance from the mighty of the people.''


F21 (Myerh Nm ownm dbaw) "et peribit fuga a pastoribus", V. L. "effugiumperibit", Schmidt; "perfugium", Cocceius.