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John 20:8

John 20:8

Then went in also the other disciple
John, being animated by the example of Peter, went down into the sepulchre likewise; whither Peter also might beckon, or call him, to be witness with him of the order and situation in which things lay:

which came first to the sepulchre;
yet went last into it; so it was, that the first was last, and the last first:

and he saw;
the linen clothes lie in one place, and the napkin folded up in order, lying by itself in another:

and believed;
that the body was not there, but either was taken away, or was raised from the dead; but whether as yet he believed the latter is doubtful, by what follows; unless what follows is considered as an illustration, especially of the faith of John, that he should believe the resurrection of Christ, though till now he did not know nor understand the Scriptures that spake of it.