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Joshua 13:8

Joshua 13:8

With whom the Reubenites and the Gadites have received their
That is, along with the half tribe of Manasseh, but not with that half of it before mentioned, who was to haven division of a part with the nine tribes, but with the other half of the tribe settled beyond Jordan; with them the tribes of Reuben and Gad had received their portion at their own request, and so were to have no share in the present distribution:

which Moses gave them beyond Jordan eastward;
at their desire, ( Numbers 32:1-5 ) , and upon certain conditions to be performed by them, ( Numbers 32:20-23 ) ;

[even] as Moses the servant of the Lord gave them;
this character of Moses, as the "servant of the Lord", seems to be observed to show that he gave the said tribes their inheritance: according to the will of God, and in obedience to it: here end the words of the Lord to Joshua, and next follows an account of the land given to the two tribes and a half described by the writer of this book.

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