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Joshua 15:55

Joshua 15:55

Maon, Carmel
Maon was the dwelling place of Nabal the Carmelite, whose possessions were in Carmel, and were not far from one another, ( 1 Samuel 25:2 ) . It gave name to a wilderness near where David hid himself from Saul, ( 1 Samuel 23:25 ) ; Jerom F16 places it to the east of Daroma, who also informs F17 us, that there was in his time a village that went by the name of Carmelia, ten miles from Hebron towards the east, and where was a Roman garrison.

and Ziph,
according to the same writer F18, was eight miles from Hebron to the east; and there was a village shown in his time where David was hid; this gave name to a wilderness also, ( 1 Samuel 23:14 ) ;

and Juttah,
which Jerom calls F19 Jeshan, was in his time a large village of the Jews, eighteen miles from Eleutheropolis, to the southern part in Daroma. Reland F20 conjectures that this was the native place of John the Baptist; and that, instead of "a city of Judah", it should be read "the city Juta", ( Luke 1:39 ) .


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