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Joshua 18:6

Joshua 18:6

Ye shall therefore describe the land [into] seven parts
Or ye shall describe the land, even the seven parts of it when divided; it seems as if they were first to describe in general all the land not disposed of, and then divide it into seven parts, and make a particular description of each part, or form a plan, or draw a map of every part:

and bring [the description] hither to me;
not by word of mouth, but as written in a book, or marked out in a map, and laid before him, see ( Joshua 18:9 ) ;

that I may cast lots for you here before the Lord your God;
in Shiloh, at the door of the tabernacle, and so before the Lord who dwelt in it, at whose disposal the lot was, and by which everyone of the seven tribes would have their part and portion assigned them most fitting and convenient for them, according to the will and counsel of God, in which it became them to acquiesce.

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