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Judges 13:17

Judges 13:17

And Manoah said unto the angel of the Lord, what is thy name,
&c.] Who art thou, and by what name art thou called? for since he could not prevail upon him to stay and eat a meal with him, he desired to know his name, and where he lived, that when he heard his name mentioned he might speak well of him, or send to him upon occasion; or if any message was sent from him, as Jarchi suggests, that he might show a respect to him, and observe it: and particularly,

that when thy sayings come to pass, we may do thee honour?
say that such a prophet, whose name is such, and lives in such a place, foretold these things; or that they might send him a present, in gratitude for, and as a reward of his service and trouble; so the reward of a labourer, and the maintenance of a Gospel minister, is called "honour", ( 1 Timothy 5:17 ) and thus Josephus F15 understood it, that they might give him thanks, and send him a present.


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