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Judges 19:5

Judges 19:5

And it came to pass on the fourth day
The time the Levite had agreed to stay being up:

when they arose early in the morning
the Levite, his concubine and servant, in order to set out on their journey: that he arose to depart; the Levite rose up from his seat to take his leave of his father-in-law, and depart from his house, and proceed on his way homeward; for rising out of his bed is before expressed:

and the damsel's father said to his son in law, comfort thy heart with
a morsel of bread;
take a breakfast first, that he might be fitter for his journey, for bread comforts or strengthens men's hearts, ( Psalms 104:15 ) though here it may be put for any and all sorts of provisions, whatever might be proper to take early in a morning, and before setting out on a journey: and afterwards go your way; he seemed as if he was willing he should set forward, after he had refreshed him with a meal.

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