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Judges 9:50

Judges 9:50

Then went Abimelech to Thebez
Which, according to Ben Gersom, had rebelled against him; it was near to Shechem. Adrichomius says F16, the ruins, where he thinks stood the city of Thebez, were but one furlong from Neapolis or Shechem, where, to the left of Jacob's well, were to be seen ruins of a large town, marble stones, whole pillars, and other signs of large palaces, and the soil wonderfully fruitful; and Jerome says F17, that in his time there was a village called Thebes, on the borders of Neapolis or Shechem, as you go to Scythopolis, thirteen miles from it. It must be near Shechem, inhabited by Shechemites, to fulfil Jotham's curse, ( Judges 9:20 )

and encamped against Thebez, and took it:
it seems not to have held out long, being deserted by its inhabitants, who fled to the tower, as follows.


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