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Lamentations 3:36

Lamentations 3:36

To subvert a man in his cause
A poor man, as the Targum, which aggravates it; as by courses and methods taken in an open court, so by secret underhand ways, to get the cause from him, and injure him in his property: the Lord approveth not;
or, "seeth not" F7; which some understand as spoken by wicked men, who do the above things, and flatter themselves that God sees not, and takes no notice of them, ( Ezekiel 9:9 ) ; and others read it interrogatively, "doth not the Lord see?" F8 he does; he sees all the actions of men, nothing is hid from him; but he sees not with approbation; he do not look upon such things with delight and pleasure, but with abhorrence, ( Habakkuk 1:13 ) . The Targum is,

``is it possible that it should not be revealed before the Lord?''


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F8 "Non videret?" Piscator.
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