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Leviticus 19:5

Leviticus 19:5

And if ye offer a sacrifice of peace offerings unto the Lord,
&c.] Which were of three sorts, a thanksgiving, a vow, and a voluntary offering, ( Leviticus 7:11 Leviticus 7:12 Leviticus 7:16 ) ; the latter seems to be here meant, as appears by what follows:

ye shall offer it at your own will;
a voluntary freewill offering, of their own accord, and not by force, as Aben Ezra; and in such offerings they were left to their liberty to offer what they pleased, it might be of the flock, or of the herd, a male or a female, ( Leviticus 3:1 Leviticus 3:6 ) . The Targum of Jonathan is

``for your acceptation;''

that is, that should be offered, and in such a manner as to be accepted of you with God; which sense is countenanced by ( Leviticus 19:7 ) ; and becomes acceptable, when what follows about eating them is attended to.
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