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Leviticus 24:22

Leviticus 24:22

Ye shall have one manner of law
Respecting the above things, blaspheming of the name of God, taking away the life of man, or of any beast, and of doing damage to either:

as well for the stranger as for one of your own country;
the above laws were binding upon proselytes as well as Israelites, and proselytes of the gate as well as proselytes of righteousness, though the Jews commonly restrain it to the latter:

for I [am] the Lord your God;
whose name is holy and reverend, and ought not to be blasphemed; and who is the Maker and preserver of man and beast, and made these laws respecting them, and expected they should be obeyed, especially by the children of Israel, whose covenant God and Father he was, and they under the greatest obligation to serve and obey him.

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