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Leviticus 27:11

Leviticus 27:11

And if [it be] any unclean beast, of which they do not offer
a sacrifice unto the Lord
Any creature, excepting a dog, the price of which was not to be brought into the house of the Lord; besides oxen, sheep, goats, rams, and lambs; though some understand it even of such that have blemishes on them, and so not fit to be offered unto the Lord; so Jarchi and others F24:

then he shall present the beast before the priest;
to be viewed, examined, and judged of as to its worth, and a value put upon it, that it might be sold or redeemed, as no other but a beast might; so it is observed birds, wood, frankincense, and ministering vessels, have no redemption, for it is only said a beast F25.


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