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Leviticus 3:4

Leviticus 3:4

And the two kidneys, and the fat that [is] on them, which
is [by] the flanks
Meaning either the two kidneys which were next the flanks, or the fat upon them, which was next to them; these, and the burning of them, may signify the burning zeal and flaming love and affections of Christ for his people, which instructed him, and put him upon offering himself a sacrifice of peace offering for them, see ( Psalms 16:7 )

and the caul above the liver, with the kidneys, it shall he take
or the caul, which is a thin membrane or skin, in which the liver is enclosed, with the liver, together with the kidneys, he separated from the rest in order to burn, at least with a part of the liver; so Jarchi and Gersom interpret it, that he should take a little of the liver with the caul; and indeed some think the word rendered "caul" signifies a part of the liver, that which the Greeks call the "table", the broader part of it, like a table; and which word the Talmudists F7 retain, who speak of (adbkd hyvprj) , "the table of the liver"; and by which Jarchi on ( Exodus 29:13 ) interprets the caul above the liver, the same as here.


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