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Leviticus 4:11

Leviticus 4:11

And the skin of the bullock
Not taken off; for the sin offerings that were burnt were not flayed at all, but were cut in pieces with their skins on them F1; in other burnt offerings the skin was taken off, and was a perquisite of the priest, ( Leviticus 7:8 ) but this being an offering for the priest, the skin was burnt with the rest:

and all his flesh, with his head, and with his legs, and his
inwards, and his dung;
the burning of these denoted the sufferings of Christ, and these several parts the extent of them, they reaching to all parts of his body as stretched upon the cross; and the dung particularly the reproach of them, he dying the death of the cross, and was made sin and a curse for his people.


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