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Leviticus 6:23

Leviticus 6:23

For every meat offering for the priest shall be wholly
Wherefore the priest that offered this for the high priest got nothing by it: he served him gratis:

it shall not be eaten;
neither by himself, nor any other priest. The priests by eating the offerings of the people bore their iniquities, and made atonement for them, ( Leviticus 10:17 ) but the priests might not eat their own sacrifices, to show that they could not bear their own sins, and make atonement for them; and this proves the insufficiency of the legal sacrifices, and the need there was for one to arise of another order to take away sin; and it is thought by some to be typical of the active obedience of Christ F23, every day yielded to the law and will of God, and is perfect, as the word here signifies, and to be distinguished from (hlwe) , "a burnt offering".


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