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Luke 7:15

Luke 7:15

And he that was dead
That had been dead, (for he was now alive,) as it was a clear case to all his relations and friends, or they would never have brought him out to bury him:

sat up;
upon the bed, or bier: and began to speak; both which, his sitting up and speaking, were plain proofs of his being brought to life:

and he delivered him to his mother;
for whose sake he raised him from the dead, commiserating her case: wherefore, as Christ showed his power in raising the dead man, he discovered great humanity, kindness, and tenderness, in delivering him alive to his mother; which might be done after he came off of the bier, by taking him by the hand, and leading him to his mother, and giving him up into her arms: think what affecting scene this must be!

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