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Luke 7:36

Luke 7:36

And one of the Pharisees
Whose name was Simon, ( Luke 7:40 Luke 7:43 Luke 7:44 )

Desired that he would eat with him;
take a meal with him, either a dinner or a supper: this he did under a disguise of respect, and show of affection to him; though very likely with a design upon him to ensnare him, or take some advantage against him if he could; for it is certain, that he did not treat him with those civilities and ceremonies commonly used to guests; see ( Luke 7:44-46 ) .

And he went into the Pharisee's house, and sat down to meat:
he made no hesitation about it, but at once accepted of his invitation, though he knew both the man and his intentions; having nothing to fear from him, and being willing to carry it courteously to all men, and give proof of what he had just now said of himself, ( Luke 7:34 ) .

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