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Luke 7:46

Luke 7:46

Mine head with oil thou didst not anoint
No not with common oil, so usually done at feasts, see ( Psalms 23:5 )

but this woman hath anointed my feet with ointment;
even "with ointment" (amobd) , "of spices", as the Syriac version renders it. There is, throughout the whole account, an opposition between the conduct of Simon, and this woman: he gave him no common water to wash his feet with, she shed floods of tears, and with them bathed his feet, and then wiped them clean with the hairs of her head; he gave him not the usual salutation by kissing his head or lips, but she kissed his feet, and that over and over again; he did not so much as anoint his head with common oil, when she anointed his feet with costly ointment brought in an alabaster box. These several ceremonies to guests were used by their hosts, in other nations, such as washing, anointing, and kissing F3.


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