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Mark 4:24

Mark 4:24

And he said unto them
At the same time, though he had said what follows at another time, still continuing his discourse with his disciples:

take heed what you hear:
diligently attend to it, seek to understand it, and lay it up in your minds and memories, that it may be of use to you in time to come, and you may be useful in communicating it to others:

with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured unto you;
a common proverb among the Jews, used on various occasions, and to different purposes; (See Gill on Matthew 7:2). Here it seems to intimate, that if the disciples carefully hearkened to what they heard from Christ, and studiously laboured to understand it, and faithfully dispensed it to others, in return, a larger measure, and greater degree of spiritual knowledge, would be bestowed upon them: for it follows, and

unto you that hear, shall more be given;
that is, that hear so as to understand, keep, and make a good use of what they hear, more shall be communicated to them; they shall have an increase of knowledge in the doctrines of grace, and mysteries of the Gospel.