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Matthew 19:1

Matthew 19:1

And it came to pass, that when Jesus had finished these
Concerning humility, avoiding offences, the methods to be taken in reproving offenders, and the forgiveness that is to be exercised towards them:

he departed from Galilee;
where he had chiefly preached and wrought his miracles, no more to return thither till after his resurrection:

and came into the coasts of Judea beyond Jordan;
that is, to that country which was called "beyond Jordan", and bordered on Judea; coming still nearer and nearer to Jerusalem, where he had told his disciples, a little while ago, he must come, and suffer, and die. Rather, it should be rendered, "on this side Jordan", as also in ( John 1:28 ) for the coasts of Judea were on this side; so (Ndryh rbe) , is rendered in ( Deuteronomy 4:49 )

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