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Matthew 28:16

Matthew 28:16

Then the eleven disciples
For Judas was not only gone from them, but was dead; so that there were now but eleven of them: went

away into Galilee:
not directly, as soon as the women had delivered their message; for Christ appeared to them the same day at Jerusalem; and so he did at the same place that week; see ( John 20:19 John 20:26 ) , but some time, after this they went together into Galilee, according to Christ's direction both before and after his resurrection, ( Matthew 26:32 ) ( 28:10 ) ,

into a mountain where Jesus had appointed them;
either before his death, or since he was risen; and very likely at one of the above interviews he had with them. This is generally thought to be Mount Tabor; but of this there is no proof, nor certainty: it might be the mountain near Capernaum, on which he taught, ( Matthew 5:1 ) , or that, if not the same with the other, near the sea of Galilee, where Christ fed four thousand with seven loaves, and a few fishes, ( Matthew 15:29 ) . A mountain was appointed for this meeting, both for solitariness and for sight; for here it was he was seen by above five hundred brethren at once, ( 1 Corinthians 15:6 ) .

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