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Nehemiah 13:31

Nehemiah 13:31

And for the wood offering, at times appointed
Of which see ( Nehemiah 10:34 ) . Levites were appointed to receive the wood that was brought at the times and by the persons fixed, and lay it up in its proper place, and carry it to the altar when wanted:

and for the first fruits;
to receive and take care of them, and distribute them to the persons to whom they belonged:

remember me, O my God, for good;
to bless him with all good things, temporal and spiritual, to keep him faithful, to make him useful in church and state, and protect him from all his enemies: or rather this may respect what goes before, that as to the wood offering and the firstfruits, that God would graciously remember him as to them, since the one was as necessary to the altar as the other was to those that minister at it.

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