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Nehemiah 3:8

Nehemiah 3:8

Next unto him repaired Uzziel the son of Harhaiah, of the
Or Tzorephim, which, according to Jarchi, was the name of a family so called from their trade and business:

next unto him also repaired Hananiah the son of one of the
or confectioners, which also might be the name of a family so called for the same reason:

and they fortified Jerusalem unto the broad wall;
which reached from the gate of Ephraim to the corner gate, which was broken down by Joash, king of Israel, but was rebuilt so strong by Uzziah, king of Judah, that it stood firm to this time; wherefore these men repaired up to it, but left that as they found it; see ( 2 Chronicles 25:23 ) ( 26:9 ) , and were not careful to repair it, it not wanting any repair.

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