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Nehemiah 6:14

Nehemiah 6:14

My God, think thou on Tobiah and Sanballat according to these
their works
Their wicked counsels and schemes, and not only confound and disappoint them, but reward them as they deserve:

and on the prophetess Noadiah:
whom Aben Ezra takes to be the same with Shemaiah, because he said, (dewn) , "let us meet" ( Nehemiah 6:10 ) , but no doubt it is the name of a woman, a false prophetess, and was hired, and in the same scheme with Shemaiah:

and the rest of the prophets that would have put me in fear;
and so put him on leaving the people, and the work he was engaged in, and flee for his safety; it seems there were more than are by name mentioned, who sought to discourage and intimidate him.

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